Download Installer

How to Install the CMS-Wallpage

  1. Download the PHP-Installer with "save as..." in the web-browser
  2. Upload the PHP-Installer with a FTP-programm to your server
  3. Select the PHP-Installer in the web-browser with one click

Activate Page-Speed

Go to General Settings and click on the tab on:
[PAGESPEED-CACHE] Auto-Setting for Pagespeed
& Clear the page cache

How to Install a Theme

You can install a Theme directly in the CMS-Wallpage with one click.


for WordPress, Drupal, TYPO3
Joomla, Magento
& many other PHP-Systems

Download Connect Installer

Use Wallpage together with your old PHP-CMS or PHP-Shop

Connect WordPress or your Magento Shop with Wallpage, if you need a multilingual Landingpage to present yourself on Twitter or Facebook.

You can continue to use your old PHP-CMS or old PHP-Shop and implement individual Wallpage-Pages without complicated system dependencies.

Wallpage is not a classic CMS. If you need a blog you can use WordPress, if you need a shop you can use Magento and if you need a enterprise CMS you can use TYPO3.

Create your website first and use WordPress, TYPO3 or Magento later together with Wallpage.

Wallpage is not for reinventing old systems.


What you see is What you get!

Layouts will look like the layout-theme-preview. Easy editing of complex layouts. Download free themes with one click and use multiple themes at the same time.

Multi-Language Support

Wallpage has multi-language support by default. No circuitous configuration.


Edit the layout directly where you see it!


High performance

On the basis of a simple and logical software concept, Wallpage also runs on slow servers! Wallpage provides a smart simple caching-engine with subpart caching for PHP-programmes and CSS-/JS-/HTML-/IMAGE- compression and GZIP-ENCODING.


Easy to Learn!

You need no expert knowledge! You need not to learn a framework and you can try everything by overwriting and delete your templates. You don't destroy anything, because you always work on a copy of the template.

Easy Backup!

Save the data with the pictures of a page by simply downloading the associated folder!


Edit the configuration where the widget is displayed.

High security

With Wallpage, there is only one program file that generates the web page. Thus only needs to protect this one file from attackers. Wallpage reverts to meaningful modern and simple concepts.

One click Update!

Update wallpage with one click! You can always return to the previous wallpage version.

Your Screen

Wallpage is a program to create multilingual presentation web pages. Wallpage is the canvas for the Internet. Use blogs like Wordpress and shops like Magento and present the content on your wallpage.


Wallpage can be edited on the website. But even more easily you can edit Wallpage in the file system on the server! Wallpage does not need a database.


Show your application anywhere you want the application to appear on the web page. Configure the application using a tag directly in the editor in the text.


Wallpage uses Markdown because it allows you to combine simple text editing with complex widget applications.

Optimized for agencies

You can customize all the administration panels to suit your needs and you have not to learn a complex framework for this.

Free Themes

Install a theme with one click!

Good value

Using Wallpage you have not to pay expensive web developers with framework knowledge.


With Wallpage, you can customize your URL's.