The Enterprise CMS

You can use Wallpage as a CMS for large portals, in that Business logic and presentation. With Wallpage you can easily have a 20 language website With each page having a very individual layout. The editing of the layouts and the language can be found directly on the Website instead of complicated programs. Each editor can create a page using a clone of the web page Via versioning programs such as GIT on the LIVE website. As a result, the editor can not destroy anything on the LIVE- Website. Should the Internet portal be hacked, If the website is created using a versioning program (GIT) in Few minutes restored, So the website is protected again from hackers and external Manipulations. Use Wallpage together with Typo3, Magento or Wordpress by You make your old CMS to a slave system from Wallpage.

Separation of business logic and presentation

Wallpage is a presentation management system. This means that Wallpage only takes care of the presentation of the website. Content and dynamic programs will be similar to a Youtube video Services. This means, for example, that the Aritkel with a classic CMS Such as Wordpress or Typo3 are created and have a rest API as a service on a Wallpage.

Hacking securely with the help of GIT

Wallpage has no database and each website is in an extra Folder Together with all individual adjustments and revisions of The respective layout framework (images, HTML, CSS, PHP). Many programs on the Internet are programmed quickly and actually not sure. The customer often only looks at the layout. The versioning program (GIT) can be any manipulation of the web page Undo minutes, because Wallpage does not need a database.

Use wallpage for large web page projects

All individual settings of a single web page will be directly Where they are also displayed. The Wallpage program Has a simple and very clear system structure. Through this fixed standard can be without problems Internet portals with Over 1000 individual pages. Even after 10 years parts of the internet portal can be replaced, Without having to renew the entire performance. Any page of Wallpage could also be in other version of the program Wallpage run as the rest of the Internet portal, by packing Of the versions.

The 20 language website

Wallpage puts in each folder of a single web page Individual folders for translations. You can translate a webpage directly to the website Translate and edit. This simple concept of a simple program is no longer necessary Extensive editorial training courses for complex layout programs.

Use wallpage together with Typo3, Magento or Wordpress

Wallpage can be easily combined with other systems. Wallpage hacking the old CMS to itself and calling the old website from the Old system if no wallpage is found. So Wallpage becomes the master and redirects to the old website, Without knowing what system it is.

Use Wallpage together with
Wordpress & Typo3